StarArtist helps you find the right job matching your aspirations. Registering enables you to: Access and apply in one-click to suitable jobs Get your Profile viewed by recruiters who will contact you with your dream jobs in the Media and Entertainment industry Get the best jobs delivered to your inbox Apply to jobs from mobile Keep track of what happens to your applications

StarArtist is a platform where recruiters and talented artists can discover each other. Recruiters benefit from StarArtist as they can advertise their jobs to millions of Artists. Artists can discover over lakhs of jobs posted on StarArtist and apply to.

There are two ways to get an opportunity on StarArtist.

  1. Respond to advertisements : Once you apply to a job listing on StarArtist, your application will be sent to the recruiter automatically. The recruiter will view your Profile and other media files that you have uploaded in your StarArtist profile. 
  2. Showcase and get discovered by recruiters across the world.  The demand for talents like you is ever increasing,  If you have created a profile on StarArtist, your profile will be a part of the StarArtist Talented Artists Repository. Many a times, recruiters search through our huge repository and select artists who match their criteria

Please note that StarArtist is not a Placement or Recruitment Consultancy. 

You can upload the following

  1. Good quality pictures of you (including selfies) Moderate editing of your photo is" fine. However if you try to do the editing too much, then you may be missing a right opportunity that is just awaiting for "You" for what you are. For example, if you chubby and if you edit your photo to make you look "slim", you might be losing an opportunity from a recruiter who is searching for a chubby artist. Be Just You, Whatever it is. That is our recommendation
  2. Video files in 3gp, mp4, webm formats which showcause your talent. Either video is taken by yourself or taken by others during your performance. Please ensure the video is short and sweet. Not more than 2 minutes. Remember no one has the patience to look at videos which are long in duration
  3. Audio files. Let us assume you are good at Dubbing voice-over. You want to become a dubbing artist. You can record your good quality audio file in mp3 , wav formats only.

It is the easiest thing to do. The moment you open the app afer proper installation, it will prompt you to choose what you are talented in? Subsuently, the app will ask you choose the mobile number from your phone (sims installed in your phone). The phone number will be verified using OTP. It is all automatic and you just dont need to watch all this process happens Next you can choose any social media platform where you already have an account. These basic information obtained from the social media you choose will form the basic profile of yours. Its very very simple.

The moble number (from your phone), your photo from your social media profile , age, gender and email address.

Defentiely not. The recruiters who search our repository would defenitely look for more from you, Please add asmuch as media files as possible about you. Good quality Photographs, Video files and Audio files are the ones whichare a must for all "performing" artists. Even for other technical jobs, like a Sound Engineer, some audio files tocompliment your talent in sound mixing would be a boost to promote yourself well to the recruiter A stage artist canupload a clipping from his recent or best performace on stage. A magician can upload a video taken for this purposeor a video clipping of his recent or best performance on stage